A constant exploration of mind-body wisdom, creative expression, and positive transformation
through movement, meditation, listening, and learning from various traditions and disciplines — this is the Pure
ethos that guides our daily lives. 
There are myriad conduits through which one can introspect, connect, and learn about mindfulness practices old and new. It takes patience, a keen ear, and the openness to connect with one’s body, mind, and the fellow spirits around you.

Under the bright sun of Halkidiki, a new unique sanctuary has risen. Authentic, simple and timeless Mediterranean style leaves no room for anything superfluous or unnecessary. With stone, natural wood and kourasanit being its main elements, it has given a shape to
settlements that are known all over the world for their pure minimalism.

Based on the traditional architectural elements of Mediterranean, our suites feature authentic
contemporary design and cutting-edge technology, secluded and private provides you with ideal hideaway, a perfect springboard to discover the Greek way of life. Every corner is imbued with a sense of calmness and relaxation.

Surrounded by olive trees, wild herbs and aloe plants, Pure Villas promises sophisticated ambiance and undisturbed privacy that nurtures your creative side and piques your curiosity. Here, intimacy is netted with the nature.
Repose under the sun or in the shade, relish a glass of wine, read, dream, live the wonderous moments of the summer. Create your memories colored in the shades of Aegean Sea enjoying supreme quality with bespoke touches and unsurpassed aesthetics.

Attention to the slightest detail, respect for natural materials, elegant and comfortable solutions are perfectly merged by the interior designer Dimitris Loukas to ensure tranquility and to seductively awake all senses.
The well-toned decoration, the ample natural light makes it feel like at home.