We make efforts to lessen our impact on the environment. Leaving behind little “footprints” is a goal we strive to meet. We seek out and apply green options to reduce our environmental impact, as our guest, we sincerely thank you for assisting us in our green initiatives.

What we do:

Recycling paper, newspapers, glass, batteries, cans etc.
Operating a ‘switch off’ policy: to turn off all the devices when not in use.
Reducing our usage of harmful cleaning chemicals and replacing these with eco-friendly products wherever possible.
Minimizing the number of printed materials and reusing them at every opportunity.
Using reusable Key card activated power in all guest rooms.
All guest information is on your TV screens to reduce printing.
Energy efficient light bulbs are installed wherever possible.
Dispensers are used in bathrooms to reduce the waste.
All glass and bottles are recycled.

We will continue:

Raising awareness of sustainable development.
Monitor our energy consumption electricity and water.

We are working on:

Reducing energy consumption. Using more organic products. Reducing water use.

Your participation: You can help us in achieving our goals by:

Turning off lights when not needed.
Turning off the television when not watched.
Turning off taps when brushing teeth.
Limiting the use of air-conditioning or heating to necessary level.
Another option is to change your linen and bath towels when you let us know to changed them.

We invite you to support our efforts.